Dear Vera – 5 Month Baby

Dear Vera,

You gave us our first big scare as parents this past month when we had to have some tests done to rule out problems with your skull. Luckily everything turned out to be normal and we feel so so lucky and blessed to have a perfectly healthy and beautiful baby.

We’ve started giving you a little more formula in the past week, and have also started slowly adding a little bit of rice cereal to your diet. You’re taking to it like a pro, and I’m happy that you seem more satisfied after you eat. My goal was to nurse you for six months, so with only four weeks to go, we’re trying to back off slowly and avoid any big shocks to either of us by switching too suddenly. I may continue to (at least partially) breast-feed after six months, but it’s gotten nearly impossible to feed you and keep you full by exclusively nursing, and I feel more and more like its time to make the transition.

This past month you have grown so much and we can really see your world expanding. You want to touch everything and are so curious. In new environments or situations, you sit and quietly observe, like you’re trying to take it all in. Most people are amazed by this and we get a lot of comments about how content and well behaved you are. Such a good baby! We also get comments from strangers every time we’re out about how beautiful you are. We couldn’t agree more! With those big eyes and quick smile, you have a knack for charming everyone.

You’ve also started rolling over and I am so proud of you! You have a lot better control over your head and you’re working hard on sitting up. You prefer to be held so that you can practice and sitting up also lets you have a better view of the room, which you love. You’ve also taken and interest in a few new things, one of which is your ‘brother’, Lucious. You laugh when he comes into your line of sight and you love to pet him, which usually means pulling his hair. Your other new habit isn’t quite as funny to Mom and Dad though. We’ve been casually trying to keep you from watching television, but you are completely fascinated by the lights and sounds. You try to maneuver your little self to see it whenever you can, and I can see that this is going to be a battle! We’ll work on it though.

As always, I love all the new things that you discover everyday and how you make everyday better. I can’t wait to see what next month brings! I love you so much.

Love, Mom

Five month babySee my girl at 4 months.
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  • Lindsay Thomas

    Dawn- I went to her 5 month page to see what you said about her rolling and, sure enough, she was! Question is… which way? Payton rolls a lot from her back to her stomach, but is completely clueless as to what to do once she gets there – insert screams :) Was Vera this way or did she do stomach to back first?

    • Dawn Sailors

      She was the opposite. She got stomach to back but couldn’t go the other way forever. She hated being on her stomach though, so she figured out how to get out of that position pretty quick, lol. I can’t believe Payton is five months already! She’s getting so big!


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