Dear Vera: 9 Month Baby

Dear Vera,

Your birthday was really yesterday, but since we spent the day overeating at family Thanksgiving festivities, I didn’t get a chance to sit down and write this until today. It was your first thanksgiving and you were the center of attention. Also, you loved all new things to taste, being that you are now eating quite a bit of big-people food. You’ve got two big teeth on the bottom and three and a half showing on top. You show them off quite a bit when you smile, which you do all the time.

You’re just starting to scoot around in more of a crawl. Normally though, you just turn yourself in the right direction and roll to whatever interests you. You’ve really started talking now too, and you’ll say dada, mama, baba and what sounds like cat, but you still prefer to sit and take it all in most of the time. We’re working on starting some sign language with you too, so we’ll see how that goes.

Because of the holiday, your nine month check-up got pushed back to next week, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how much you’ve grown. We’re also really looking forward to your first Christmas coming up (on your 10 month birthday!) and we keep talking about how this holiday season is so much more exciting now that you’re here to share it with us. You make everything so much better!

Happy nine-months, Beast. We love you so much.

Love, Mom

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