Design Geek: Camo Wedding Invites

UPDATE: Much to my surprise, I’ve had several requests for these invitations, so I have made them available for sale in my Etsy shop.
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Although art and graphic design are definitely my passion (I have a bachelor of fine art and my full time job is as an art director for a marketing and graphic design studio), I haven’t shared a lot of my graphic design work here on the blog, mostly because the majority of it is done through the company I work for and I like to try to keep my day job separate. You can see some of it in my design portfolio (or at least as much as I’ve had time to add thus far- slowly but surely getting everything up there) by clicking on the ‘Work’ navigation tab at the top of this page.

Anyway… I’ve recently been working on a freelance project designing some very unique wedding invitations, and thought I’d share them with you!

Andy and Amanda are getting married this summer, and asked me to help them with their invitations. Andy is an avid hunter and has a love of all things camo (Realtree is his preferred pattern). The couple wanted to include his personality in the invites, by having some camouflage incorporated, but Amanda was a little worried about giving the impression of a “back-woods” wedding. And rightly so! That could definitely be a slippery slope. Haha.

Here’s what I came up with to make them both happy:

I think the use of the Realtree as a subtle background texture makes it less dominant and more decorative. Paired with flowing script, classic serif fonts, and crisp white linen-texture paper, and the invitations are instantly classed up.

It was definitely the first camo wedding invite I’ve ever done, and even my printer commented that they’d never seen a camouflage invitation either. I love them though. It’s so nice to see a mix of the couple’s personalities, instead of the usually feminine dominant trends. (Although my own wedding invites were purple, so I definitely like the fem side of wedding design as well, haha.)

Andy just told me yesterday that they’ve had several compliments on the invitations so far, which is the best compliment I can get. I think they turned out great! :)




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  • Brittany Vitaniemi

    If you are making these still please let me know. I would like to place an order these camo invites are amazing my husband is an avid hunter. I would be ordering within the next month

  • tish

    my wedding is coming 2014 and we are both avid hunters really love the realtree AP!!! are you taking orders or selling any? 

  • Jamison Hiner

    When I heard camo I sort of threw up in my mouth but those are so awesome; great job!!!!

    • Dawn Sailors

      That comment literally made me lol. And I only do awesome. Haha. Thanks though! I’ll tell Andy you approve. :)


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