Design Geek: Data Visualization

I found this video yesterday and had to share because I thought it was such a great summary of what we designers do everyday. A lot of times the question “what is design” can be a hard one to answer, but my perspective has always been that the root of graphic design is in organizing content to accomplish an end goal. Taking what’s there and making it better- easier to understand or read, more enjoyable to interact with. Plus, info graphics and informational design have always been fascinating to me. Which is why I instantly connected to this video and had to share. Enjoy!

The Value of Data Visualization from Column Five on Vimeo.

PS- If this interests you, check out the other videos on these guys Vimeo page (at the link above). I’ve seriously been geeking out over them. I’d love to have the opportunity to produce this kind of motion graphic work. So good. So good.

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