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I’ve been following Anna at Door Sixteen for a while now, and recently while catching up on some posts, I came across one that pretty much sums up my blog for me. It was called ‘Designing Myself’ (see the correlation yet?), and posed the question of whether you match what you design. A question of whether you can separate your personal self from your design.

That is the basis of my blog, and the idea behind the blog name, Designing Dawn. I’m a (graphic) designer by trade, yes. But I’m also designing myself and my life and my surroundings daily- and documenting it all here for future reference. My recently discovered favorite quote of all time (and my next tattoo) is:

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.”

I feel like this quote from interior designer Elsie de Wolfe has always been my life motto. I try to make everything beautiful. And when it comes to my home, my art, and my style, whether it’s beautiful to anyone but me is really (most times) an afterthought. I design for myself and my happiness.

So can you separate yourself from your design? I’ve posed this same question to myself for a long time, and come to the conclusion that the answer is no… and yes.

On the one hand, my professional life requires me to put myself in the shoes of my clients and design for their needs- my personal style aside. But when it comes to my own design or art work, the interior of my home, and my personal fashion sense, I feel like they are all similar and a part of who I am. My style, if you will.

So what do you think? Do your clothes and your hair, and your home interior reflect your personality? Do you see any of that in your art or your crafts or your job?



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