Family Vacation 2012- St. Louis, MO

If you follow me on instagram (designingdawn), or have visited my recent pics page recently, you may have been tipped off to the fact that I am, once again, on vacation.

I know- I’m a hotel junkie!! What can I say? My recent trip Denver was a girls trip we had planned several months ago, but this one is a family vacation. We like to visit a new place every year (last year was Colorado and Wyoming), and this year it’s St. Louis!

I’ve never been before, but we’re looking forward to getting out tomorrow and exploring the city. So far, our trip has only consisted of several hours in the car and visiting the hotel pool. Oh and of course introducing Vera to the Olympics! She needs to familiarize herself with the concept early. When she’s there competing one day, we’ll be able to remind her of this:

I hope you had a great Friday and are planning an amazing weekend. See you soon!


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