Family Vacation Part II – Friends in Cheyenne

I think maybe I take too many photos. Usually I end up using just a few of the dozens I take. My point is that I had a lot of photos to go through from our trip, so it has taken me a while to pick my favorite ones and edit them. But, I finally have, so I’ll get on with Part Two of our vacation recap. (See Part I here.)

Cheyenne WY is only about an hour and forty minutes north of Denver. Brett’s good friend Jake and his wife Chelsea have lived there for the past four years and we have been wanting to visit them that whole time. They also have a 9 month old son named Easton that we had not met yet, so when we knew we were going to be that close, we decided to take advantage and drive up.

But first we wanted to finish out our time in Denver with a family activity, plus we had some time to kill since our hosts were both working on Friday. So that morning after dominating our hotel breakfast, we visited the Denver Nature and Science Museum before making the trip north. We debated going to the art museum instead, but thought this one might be something different to try and might have some more stimulating exhibits for Vera to look at. So naturally she did this most of the time:

We did see some cool exhibits though and we tried our best to keep V awake as much as possible so that she would sleep better when we got back on the road. Here are a few of my favorite photos from our morning at the museum:

This next one might be my favorite. I love all the shoes, but I was cracking up at the museum when I took this. Can you spot the pair that stands out from the crowd? One of these things is not like the others…

That’s right. A little pair of yellow Chucks right in the middle of all the traditional Native American shoes. Too funny.

Anyway, after our trip to the museum, we packed V back into the car and headed for Cheyenne. It was only a short drive compared to our trip the day before, so it went fast and we were there before we knew it. We had a relaxing evening of dinner and a movie with Jake, Chelsea and Easton and got up bright and early the next morning to head for some breakfast followed by outlet shopping in Loveland.

I should take a minute to introduce little Easton. He is so adorable and SO BIG! He made V seem like a tiny little thing, and he was very interested in her. Here are the two little cuties strapped into the car on our drive to the malls:

And a few more of my favorite photos from our day trip:







It was a fun day and we got some fun stuff. Probably too much fun stuff, but hey, it’s vacation, right?

Anyway, that evening, after getting back to Jake and Chelsea’s home in Cheyenne, the boys grilled out while Chelsea and I watched the babies get better acquainted.

Look at Easton sharing his toys. What a sweetie! It was another relaxing night and a great end to our vacation. We packed up and headed out early the next morning and made the long drive back to Nebraska.

Thank you again to Jake and Chelsea for hosting us. We had a great time! I already can’t wait for our next vacation!! Hopefully it will be sooner than 3 years from now…

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