Family/Maternity Photo Shoot

Well, my maternity leave has officially started and our lives are about to change forever as we prepare to welcome our new baby girl tomorrow (if she doesn’t surprise us sooner!). I’ll be induced tomorrow morning, after having contractions on and off for a couple of weeks now. I’m far enough along that most women would likely have been in active labor by now, and my doctor has been telling me for two weeks that it will be any day now. This baby definitely has a stubborn streak, and the stress of waiting for the unknown (intensified by my GAD), while dealing with daily contractions and a nesting instinct in overdrive, has been exhausting for me. To say I’m ready for this baby to be here is an understatement!

So today, before our family expands, I thought it was a good time to share these last photos of us as a family of three.

A couple of weeks ago, I talked my sister into snapping a few quick maternity shots of our little family.

Family Photo-8

Family Photo-9

Family Photo-10

Family Photo-11

We didn’t want anything fancy, especially since we know we’re not likely to print and hang photos of us without the new baby in them, but I did want to document this time and I’m so glad we did.

I’ll be back later this week, hopefully with some very exciting news and photos to share!!! I can hardly wait!

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