First Easter

It’s funny how having a little person in your life can completely change your perception of a holiday. For the past several years, Easter hasn’t been much more than a trip to church, an excuse to pig out on rabbit-shaped chocolate and a mandatory family get together.

This year though, it felt different. For weeks leading up to it, I found myself looking for little trinkets for Vera’s Easter basket. Logically I know that she couldn’t care less about an Easter basket or anything in it, but I really wanted her first Easter, her fist holiday, to be special. I kept it pretty simple, both because of that nagging logical voice and because I had a feeling that some other bunnies might show up with extra surprises, and I was right!

Here’s a breakdown of the basket! My absolute favorite things were the Zuzii hair accessories. I’ve been coveting them for a long time and the Easter bunny finally had an excuse to grant my wish! (Don’t tell V, but I might steal some of the clips from time to time to wear myself.) I will definitely be going back for more of them. They are beautiful and I love the quality and soft material.

She also got a little teal piggy bank that matches her room perfectly, an adorable pair of sunglasses, and a new dress. And finally a soft bunny Pillow Pal from a certain grandpa bunny! You might also notice a few Easter treats for Mom in that basket. Hey, they are indirectly for Vera, right? It’s just not Easter without a little candy. :)

All in all it was a relaxing day. My Dad came up to visit and stayed with us Saturday night. We had church in the morning followed by an amazing brunch at a local restaurant and a quick visit to my aunt and uncle’s house. They live about 20 minutes away and hadn’t gotten to meet Vera yet, so it was nice to visit.

Once we finally got home again, we all changed into pjs even though it was only around 2:00 in the afternoon. The rest of the day was spent lounging, sampling every flavor of Jelly Belly beans and cuddling our baby on her very first holiday.

A fine last day to my maternity leave.

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