Great Strides Walk for CF

I’ve mentioned before that I would be walking in this year’s Great Strides walk benefiting cystic fibrosis research, and today was the day. The cold, windy day.

Even though I didn’t make my fund-raising goal, I enjoyed being able to participate and I know that what I was able to raise will be put to great use. Hopefully next year I can do a little better.

So anyway, as I said, it was cold and windy– a stark contrast to the near 100° weather we had here just 3 days ago! I had wanted to take Vera in her stroller but Brett talked me out of it. I was really thankful for his good sense once I got down there. This morning was barely in the 40s and felt even colder when the wind hit us as we walked across the pedestrian bridge over the Missouri river. But the cold weather didn’t keep people from turning out to show their support.

It was a lot of fun despite the weather and since I have never been on the pedestrian bridge before, that was a new experience too. I felt like I was on a carnival ride as the weight of all the walkers combined with the windy day made the bridge sway slightly as we walked across. An eerie sensation, but a beautiful view and a great morning overall.

I plan to spend the rest of the day warming up by snuggling with Brett an Vera while we lounge in sweats and maybe rent a movie. Anyone else have big weekend plans?

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