Guest Blogger- Twin Tuesday’s!

I’m so excited to announce a new feature at! I call it Twin Tuesdays.

If you’ve read the about me section of this blog, than you know that I have an identical twin sister. Her name is Dania (pronounced like Dana- Dad thought adding a random ‘i’ made it more girly), and we’ve been best friend since the womb. She’s always been my biggest supporter and my harshest critic and I credit her with helping to make me the artist I am today. No one else was going to tell 8-year-old me that my drawings could be better, haha. Here we are, past and present:

I’ve always thought of Dania as the sassy version of me, and I can’t wait for you to (virtually) meet her. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that every other Tuesday, my sassy sister will be guest blogging for me here at I’d tell you what she’ll be writing about, but I honestly have no idea. I gave her free rein, so we’ll find out together. So suspenseful!

Along with Dania joining my blogging fun, I’d like to continue the twin Tuesday theme by featuring a set of twins or multiples every other week (on Dania’s off weeks- see how this works?) depending in the number of submissions I get. I know so many awesome sets of twins and have a special affinity for all things twin related and I’m excited to share that.

Are you a twin? Are you a mom to twins? Do you have friends who are awesome twins? I want to hear about it!! If you want to be featured on twin Tuesday or know some twins who should be, please email me a photo that you don’t mind sharing and I’ll email you back a little questionnaire to get to know you better. Let’s get it going!

Please note that even though it’s twin Tuesday, I’d love to hear about any multiple set, triplets, quads, Octo-babies. (Wowza!) Octo Tuesday might not sound as cool, but it would definitely still be sweet. So send ’em in!

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