Happy 3rd Birthday, V (Plus some exciting news!)

I can hardly believe that I’m the mother of a three year old. Vera’s birthday was yesterday, and she’s growing into such a fun little person.

We celebrated V’s birthday with a small family gathering at our house over the weekend, and she had a great time! I’ll have a post on that coming up, as well as a letter with her monthly photos in the near future. But first, some news.

Confession time. A few weeks ago when I shared my sister’s exciting news, I didn’t quite tell the whole story. That is to say… there’s another prego twin in the family. That’s right. Brett and I are so happy to announce that we’re expecting baby number two this summer!


Vera couldn’t be more thrilled to be a big sister. She’s been alternating between listing off toys the baby can share when it gets here, and asking to feel the baby in my tummy. Not quite sure how this whole thing works, she even asked me once if she could put the baby in her tummy for a while. Haha.

Dania already knows she’s having a boy (due late June) and we’ll be finding out what we’re having in just over a month (V insists she wants a sister). We’re due in late August, so it will be so exciting to have two little newborn besties in the family this summer! Lucky me, I just get a couple more months of pregnant summer fun before we get to meet this one. :/

So that’s my big announcement for the week, and one reason behind some of the slacking here on the blog lately. Morning sickness is no joke, guys. But I’m feeling much better now in my second trimester, and ready to start planning a new nursery for this babe! Just as soon as we know what it is, of course. :)

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