Happy Birthday Hub!

Today, my very handsome husband is one year older. Or one day older depending on where you’re measuring from. But either way, it’s his 31st birthday and I want to let him know how happy I am to get to spend another year together. So to celebrate, let’s look at some pictures of Brett!

Baby Brettles. Doesn’t he look just like Vera??

Driving around with our eldest. :)

Such a great dad! Vera loves you!!

One of my favorite photos from right after we met.

Our last family photo!

Our most recent photo together.

Happy birthday Brettles. Vera and I both love you so much. (Lucious too!) Thanks for always being such a great dad and husband.



  • Erica

    Your eldest should be in a safety seat.  : )  Vera does look just like her daddy!

    • Dawn Sailors

      I know! That stinker. I do all the work and he gets all the credit! Haha. And yeah, Lu’s not very safe. Bad parenting. Do you have a car seat for Lucee that we could borrow? :) actually never-mind. It would probably be way to small for my giant cat-son.

  • Dania

    Happy birthday favorite brother-in-law! 


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