Happy Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween! Er… day after Halloween. :)

I hope you and your littles had a a fantastic time and got loads of candy last night. We sure did! Vera was super excited this year, since she finally has a concept of what trick-or-treating means. She dressed as one of my all-time favorite characters: Mary Poppins.


Side note: it will be a sad, sad day for this mom when V decides she doesn’t want me to pick out her costumes anymore. :( But that day is not today, so Mary it was! In case you’re new, here are V’s costumes from the past two years: a ventriloquist dummy and a little viking.



By happy coincidence we got to reuse the bow-tie this year from her ventriloquist costume last year. Well, maybe not so happy for Vera. She hates having things by her neck and it was a struggle both years to get her to leave it on. But it’s so cute, right??

The good news is that it’s really just a hair-bow with a bobby-pin fastener so we actually can use it for it’s intended purpose when it’s not Halloween.

Speaking of costume struggles, I also had a little umbrella for her to carry, but that idea was nixed when she refused to hold it and said it was too heavy. It wasn’t, but that’s toddler logic for ya, and sometimes you just have to roll with it.


As for the rest of her costume, I am of the make-it-yourself camp when it comes to costumes. To me, the creativity of making your own costume is part of what makes the holiday special and fun. I have fond memories of Goodwill trips with my mom to find just the right things for our costumes growing up, and it just wouldn’t be the same to buy something off a shelf pre-made.

The best part of Vera’s costume this was the cute little hat I found on clearance at Target for $3. I just weaved in a few fake flowers I already had around the house and some holly berries from our X-mas decor stash, and presto.

The rest of the costume came from Target (a plain white boys button up) and Goodwill (of course). It may not come as a shock to you, but there is really no selection, at all, of toddler sized ankle length skirts. Haha. Vera’s ‘skirt’ is actually a little girl’s tube top! It worked out so perfectly, because it has elastic around the top part, and was just the right length. I also love how the little eyelet details along the bottom added some flair.

The jacket is a simple boys coat (also from Goodwill), the boots she already owned (Target), and the ‘carpet bag’ is actually just one of my purses that fit the bill. It worked out nicely since she was able to carry all her Halloween loot in that too.


V was quite proud of her costume and would tell everyone who she was. (Although her answer would vary between Marry Poppins and Poppin Mary.) It went over surprisingly well too! She even got third prize in the girl’s category of a costume contest held in Brett’s home town last week! She was smiling from ear to ear.

We drove around to a few special houses early last night (we had to visit aunt Dania of course) and then I stayed home handing out candy while Brett took Vera door to door around the neighborhood. Although I wasn’t there to witness it, the report I got was glowing. Not only did she say ‘trick-or-treat!’ and ‘thank you!’ to everyone, but the hub said that people were very complimentary on her costume. Excuse the shameless bragging for the rest of this paragraph (I’m a proud mama), but on her trick or treat rounds, some people called other family members to the door to get a look at her, a few took her picture, and one house even thanked Brett for stopping so they could see her. Haha. Totally unexpected reaction, but I’ll call that a win!



Vera found the whole night very exciting. She was pointing out all the houses with their porch lights on, and “Dad, this is easy!” was said with a big grin on her face every time she got candy in her bag. So overall, it was a fantastic night all around. :)

Happy Halloween friends!


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