Happy Halloween!

I was/am so excited for Vera’s first Halloween, I can’t even tell you. I’ve been planning costumes since before she was born. Ok it’s really her second Halloween, since we dressed up last year.

But it’s her first on her own, and she’s looking fierce!

Adorbs, right?? We decided on a little Viking costume for a couple of reasons. Mainly it was because of Brett’s Nordic heritage. When I found this hat from The Skein of Things on Etsy, I knew it was meant to be. Another great bonus is that daddy’s basketball team mascot is the Vikings, so little V will be rocking her new hat all year long. Talk about a good buy. How many Halloween costumes ever get worn more than once?

As for the rest of her costume, we got creative with clothes she already owns (shirt and boots from Target, pants from Walmart) and a perfect little furry cape I found at Goodwill. All it needed was a couple of arm holes and voila! Little Viking Vera! I had wanted to make a little boat/wagon to pull her around in, but we ran out of time. :( Oh well. Guess I’ll have to go as a Viking minion and carry her instead.

I am so happy with how it turned out. I LOVE Halloween costumes, and the fact that i now gave a little guinea-pig who isn’t old enough to resist yet makes this year all the better! If you have links to your kids (or your own!!) costumes, post em in the comments! I want to see! :D

Happy Halloween everyone!


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