Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving friends! I’m enjoying a long weekend and we’re hosting my family’s holiday here on Saturday. Here’s our home all cleaned up shiny for the occasion (and we finally got the reading room put back together, yay! – more on that later though):

Now that we have a mantle I could decorate it a little more fall-like for the holiday. And yeah, that’s a fake fireplace/heater sitting in front of our real-but-non-functioning (at the moment) fireplace. Function and heat won out when it got cold enough.

I grabbed this vintage tea set from my dad’s house (he was getting rid of it) when I was home last weekend. I love the color and pattern! I think somewhere there is a dining set that matches… I may have to steal that too.

I found a home (at least til I get the top of that china cabinet finished) for our family picture that was displaced here. I like it in the dining room by the family table. :) That red chair is an extra and we’ll eventually have all red chairs in here (another little project on my list), but for now this guy’s brothers are still in the garage awaiting their turn with the paintbrush.

A little wider shot so you can see proof of those bookshelves put back together. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have the new carpet done before everyone comes over for Thanksgiving tomorrow!!

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday is filled with friends, family, food and relaxation. Have a great weekend!


  • Beth

    Such a nice and cozy home! Love the frame over mirror, and the enlarged family portrait.

    • Dawn Sailors

      Thank you so much! There are always unfinished projects around, but the house cleans up nice when it has to. Haha. :)


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