Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you are having a fantastic V-day today. Since I’m a basketball widow for a few more weeks, we’ll be celebrating tomorrow night instead, when the hub is actually home in time for a date. Today though, was all about my other little Valentine, the beastlet.

Last night she and I got our craft on and made some easy and cute homemade valentines for the kids at her daycare. There are only six total at the in-home daycare she goes to, so we had few enough to make that we could get a little creative with them.

At our house, we don’t do a lot of sweets for littles, and some of the kids are even younger than Vera is, so I wanted to do a fun valentine that didn’t involve candy. Instead, we used one of Vera’s very favorite snacks– Cuties!

Here is a shot of all the supplies I rounded up at my local Target:


Cuties, clear cellophane bags, paper straws, and some labels. I also used red striped paper tape and a red sharpie, both of which I already had on hand.

To make our valentines, I just pushed a paper straw through one end of each cutie:


Then I wrapped them in a cellophane bag with a label on it, and secured each with some paper tape. Presto! Cutie-pops!


Oh but before applying the labels, Vera did her part by quality testing the cuties and adding her personal touch to each one of her valentines. :)


And because it’s difficult for a toddler to understand the concept of making cutie-pops and then not getting one, we made one extra to play with.

cutie_valentines-7 cutie_valentines-6

To make them easier to carry (since I knew V would insist on carrying them into daycare on her own) I pulled out this little white bucket we still had from her first birthday party and added some of the red paper tape to the edges to give it a festive touch. And we have a Valentine’s day package all ready to go to daycare!


Simple, fun, and they were a hit! Today was a fun day of exchanging treats for Vera and her friends. I hope you had a great day with your cuties too. See you tomorrow friends!

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