Home Tour: Living Room

This post should probably be prefaced by saying that our living room rarely actually looks like this. Just imagine all the photos below with a smattering of toys and/or junk mail spread across any surface and that’s more like reality. But for these pictures I tidied up a bit. What can I say? I’m classy like that.

It’s been a long time coming, but here’s a mini-tour of our living room. Starting, of course, with the room when we moved in:

When we moved in, this room was pretty basic. We loved the fireplace (which we have yet to use because I am paranoid and insist on having it cleaned and inspected first, however I’m also lazy and haven’t called a chimney sweep yet…), and we loved the built-in bookshelves and big windows. What I didn’t love was the builder-grade honey oak and dirty sea-foam green walls.

But I’m not scared of a can of paint and a couple of those was all it took to give this space an upgrade. It actually has the newest and nicest carpet in the house (apparently the previous owners cat steered clear of this room), which is a plus for baby crawling.

You can see here how this room is open to the kitchen, which is awesome when we have people over and another reason we loved it from the start.

On the down side, it’s a pretty small and awkward room, and even our apartment sized furniture was a struggle to fit in here. But we made it work and I’m happy with it for now. Down the line, I’d like to get a more streamlined sofa and a couple smaller side chairs that all take up less visual space. But I’m sure the hub will have something to say about lounging and TV watching comfort, ha.

It couldn’t really be our living room without some toys piled in the corner right? The little activity table was a b-day present from Grandma and Grandpa. The small trunk is from Hobby Lobby and used to be just decorative until it found its calling as a toy corral.

So there she is. Oh an FYI, you can always see this and several other (soon to be all the other) rooms in our house by visiting my home tour page. Fair warning, I’m working on getting all the before and after images updated to fit with the new site design, so please forgive me if they currently look smallish and have strange white borders. :/ As with most things in my life, this site is a work in progress. So here’s what I’d still like to do:

• New window treatments (longer, so they can hang higher for better balance)
• Paint window trim
• Update fireplace hardware
• New floor lamp
• Paint ceiling (possibly add can lighting)

Someday, someday.




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  • johanna

    Where did you the ceiling fan? Love the wall color. Very nice

    • Dawn Sailors

      Thank you! We actually got the fan at Walmart of all places. I happened to see it there when we were looking around the garden section and it was very reasonably priced, so we brought it home. The one thing I’m not thrilled about though is that it doesn’t give off much light at all. If I would have read the box better before buying, I would have seen that it isn’t intended to be used as the main light source for a room. Luckily we have other lights in there to brighten it up, but I wish I would have know that ahead of time.


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