House Crashing: For Sale

Well, it’s official. My sister and her husband have made the big decision to build a new house, which means they’ve put their current home on the market. If you are looking for a house in the Omaha area, you can click here to email me for the listing details (which also has about 30 more photos).

I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of this 3 bedroom, 3 bath split-level right now, before it sells (which I think will be fast) and it’s too late to take photos!

Dania and I have always been similar in most things, but when it comes to personal style, we have quite different tastes. While I tend toward a little more modern funk with a touch of vintage charm, Dania leans toward a more traditional style with Tuscan influences and warm antique accents. And even though we’re different in that way, I’ve always loved her home and decor style. It’s very inviting. See for yourself:

As for the home details, it’s got beautiful new windows, new roof, new heater, new air conditioner, new security system, stainless appliances, jetted master tub, his and hers master closets, and a huge open entrance staircase. They’ve really put a lot of work and love into this house over the past few years and whoever snatches it up is getting a great deal and a move-in-ready home.

Ok, well that’s my sales pitch for the day! I’m sure Dania will be updating you on the building process in her bi-weekly posts. Happy Monday!




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  • Stephanie C

    Her house is gorgeous, I love her style, and yours! My style is whatever I like, it comes home with me. It doesn’t always work out, haha! We (me, hubs, the babe) and visiting Iowa in July and October, only an hour or less away from Omaha. Hubs grew up in a small town in Iowa and always had to go to Omaha to do all his shopping! I didn’t realize yall lived there, neat! (does anybody say neat anymore btw?)

    • Dawn Sailors

      Thank you! Dania will be flattered. :) That’s crazy that your hubs is from the area. What a small world. And yeah, I still throw out a ‘neat’ whenever applicable, haha.


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