House Crashing: My’s Secluded Cabin

On our way to tear down an old barn last weekend, with my friend and co-worker, Jamie, we got the chance to stop at his mother, My’s, cabin in the countryside of western Iowa. I am so excited to share photos of this cabin with you. My is an interior designer and an artist and this house is not only a retreat for their family, but also a secluded place for her to experiment artistically and store her projects and supplies. You’ll see what I mean soon, but first, here are a few shots from inside the cabin:

There were so many unique pieces in this home that I didn’t know where to look. I’m so glad we got to stop and see it! But that was just the inside. Outside, the family owns a wide expanse of land, and the views were beautiful and dotted with artwork and sculptures.

And then there were the hidden treasures and supplies scattered around the property. In the tradition of so many artistic people, My collects anything she thinks might be incorporated into a future project. Here are a couple of the future projects and random objects I stumbled upon while taking photos around the property:

Isn’t this a seriously cool place? Everyone should have a cabin in the country to do fun projects and decorate in bright colors and rustic furniture. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Thanks for the tour, Jamie!


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  • melissa

    so cool! i have been to a few artist homes and they always find the most interesting things! :) voted! 

  • Melissa Ramos

    so cool! i have been to a few artist homes and they always find the most interesting things! :) voted!


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