Inspiration Board – Brittany’s Shared Space

A few days ago, I got an email from Brittany about her bedroom, which is shared with her son, Roman. Aren’t they adorable??

(The title of her email made me smile : I know you’re busy but please help when you can and if you can..)

Dear Dawn,

The nursery you did was amazing..I was wondering if you could help me. My son who is 6 months has a room of his own but sleeps in my room. I feel most comfortable with us in the same I’m wanting to change my room into a great sleeping space for him..the only problem is the trim is black the walls are the most lightest pink almost white..I don’t have a problem painting the walls a neutral color like gray? But I don’t know if gray will go with black trim..I hate to leave the black trim but what a pain it would be to paint the trim white..and then I’m not sure what color crib would go with black trim ( I don’t want a black crib) you have any ideas to where I could leave the trim black or should I paint it white? I’m going to attach some pictures so you could see. I’m so desperate to give him a nice sleeping space and thankful that you allow people to contact you as some designers who blog don’t. If you could help at all I would really appreciate it…

…I like owls but then I like jungle animals,planes,travel maps..sorry this is so long Thanks!


After a few more emails and photos, I came up with a room inspiration board that I think is a beautiful solution for a mother/son shared space.

Brittany had already found a vintage baby quilt that she liked so I incorporated that in with an eclectic but modern style. She mentioned that she liked simple and clean design, and the furniture she already has, like the more modern black dresser, really speak to that.

I chose to use the black elements she already had in the room, like her trim and furniture, as a neutral base, adding in a light golden-tan wall color and soft grays. I used a muted yellow and pops of turquoise for a fun look that keeps this adult space from being too old for a little boy. I think that combining some more grown-up artwork like the vintage map with contemporary children’s posters, while carrying the same color schemes across all of the prints is a good way to tie the room and age groups together.

Here are the sources for Brittany’s room:

Throw Pillow
Bird Wall Decals
Mister Numbers Print
Vintage Map
Love Print

Vintage Quilt & Owl Poster – Found by Brittany
Dresser – Already owns

Thanks for your email Brittany. I enjoyed working with you and I hope that you have what you need to put together a great space for you and Roman. I’d love to see pictures of your finished space!

If you have a room that you’d like help with, email me and let’s talk about it!


  • moddy

    hey dawn! im so happy to have run into your blog! i just ordered the map for my little chickens room!
    check us out!

  • Amanda

    That is so cool and inspiring. I really love the colour pops the yellow and turquoise add and hopefully she does share pictures of the space. It looks like a great concept :D


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