Inspiration Boards – Brittany’s Space Take Two

A few weeks ago, I put together this inspiration board for a shared space for Brittany and her son Roman. Brittany loved the room, but there was one problem. The beautiful blue crib was from Ikea, and unfortunately she does not live near a store and the Ikea website is sadly lacking in ordering ability.

After my emails to Ikea inquiring about other options for ordering received no response, I put together this new mood board as an alternative for Brittany. The new crib is from Target and has a similar modern look. I also added some bright aqua colored crib bedding to keep the same color scheme.

The crib is a little more expensive than the Ikea one, but I love the extra storage underneath, which can really come in handy in a shared room. It also converts to a toddler bed for when Roman gets a little older.

Sorry about the Ikea disappointment, Brittany. I hope this new inspiration board makes up for it at least a little bit! New sources below:

Bedding (The teal pattern)


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