Inspiration: organization

I saw this amazing photo on Pinterest a few weeks ago and it has totally become my obsession.

I’ve been wanting an organized solution for our kitchen area for a while now. We constantly have papers all over the counter and I can never keep track of all our activities. How do normal people keep that pesky pile of bills and unread catalogs from taking over? Will I ever not be surprised when the hub reminds me he’s going to his weekly basketball league game? I think something like this would be perfect in the entry hall right off the kitchen. Maybe it will help my memory too.

I’ve already found a whiteboard calendar and am on the hunt for a paper storage system that fits my aesthetic. Maybe something stainless? Also keeping an eye out for other accessories, but i want to get an idea of the scale once i have the functional pieces in place. Then I’ll add the pretties.

Do you have any organization tips or recent projects for keeping everything in check in your main living spaces? Do you ever get home and not know where your husband is? Tell me about it!



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