June’s Newborn Photos

Thank you for being patient with my lack of posting these past few weeks while I soak up some lazy days with my new little. I can’t believe Juniper is 7 weeks old today!! I don’t know where that time went, but she’s been such a good baby for us that it has been a relatively easy transition getting used to being a two kid household. :) She’s even a good sleeper so far… and yes, I’m knocking on wood right now.

The week we brought her home, I took some time to snap a few photos of June, so forgive me as I shamelessly show off this pretty little girl. Starting with the announcement I made for her:

June Announcement

And a few of my other favorite shots from my amateur photo shoot. It was hard to decide what photo to use!!

June Newborn-4

June Newborn-9

She’s really so sweet. And her big sister is so so in love. Our biggest concern with two kids so far has honestly been trying to keep Vera from accidentally hurting June because she always wants to hold her, squeeze her, kiss her, pet her head, pick her up, carry her around, etc. We have to remind her quite a bit that a real baby isn’t quite as durable as a baby doll. Hahaha.

Vera & June Newborn-2

June Newborn-12

June Newborn-11

June Newborn-10

Vera & June Newborn-5

These two are going to be best friends. I know.

Thanks for your patience, and I promise I’ll get back to posting more fun updates soon… Like a certain nursery I’m wrapping up!! Yay!

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