Last Weekend’s Wedding

This past weekend was a busy one for us. Brett and I were both in the wedding of two of our good friends, Derek and Hilary. Brett was the best man and I was an attendant, and we were very much looking forward to their wedding for a long time.

We debated for a quite a while about what to do with Vera during the wedding weekend. We wanted her there, but with both of us busy that day, and the fact that the wedding didn’t start til it was already her bedtime, practicality told us that might not be the best idea.

Unfortunately she came down with a mystery fever that lasted all week and into the weekend. Luckily for us though, the wedding was just about 20 minutes away from my mom’s house. Friday night all three of us (Brett, Vera and I) stayed with Grammy Pammy and she kindly took care of our sick cranky baby for us while we were at the wedding Saturday. This was kind of a miracle since Friday night was probably the worst night we’ve ever had with Vera since she was born. It even included a 3:30am Walmart run for medicine just so Beast would let us sleep for a few hours. Sheesh. Fortunately, she was feeling a little better (and pretty tired) the next day and behaved herself for her grandma.

But we’ll get back to the beast later. Let’s get to the wedding. Naturally, I had my camera with me. You know I don’t leave the house without it. :) And it was a good thing too, cause look at these shots I snagged of the beautiful bride!

Isn’t she stunning? I forced myself to put down the camera during the ceremony and unfortunately when I sorted them later, I realized that of the 300 photos I took that day, these were the only two I got of the bride and groom together.

So no great portraits, but I did have a friend snap this shot of Brett and I together that I love. It’s rare that we get a good photo together, since I’m usually behind the camera. (Yes, I’m wearing platforms and standing up straight in this photo. Maybe he’s still growing??)

Oh and here’s a shot of Brett and Derek together. Aren’t they cute?

On Sunday after the wedding, we met my mom and Vera at my grandma’s nursing home for a visit. Vera was feeling much better by then and was in a good mood for her great-grandma, who was very happy to see her. The last time we got a chance to visit was quite a while ago, so I’m glad that we could stop for a visit while we were in the area.

There were also a few surprise guests at the nursing home that day that V just loved.

So that was our wild wedding weekend. And also the first night I’ve ever spent away from my girl. It went pretty well, considering. This weekend should be much more relaxed. We’re hoping to hit up the annual art fair downtown, but otherwise have no major plans. Hopefully that means I can get a few projects crossed off the list and maybe even sneak in a nap. :) I’m just happy we don’t have to do any traveling for the first time in a month!

Anyone else have big weekend plans? Or small weekend plans like us? Have a great Friday!



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  • Hilary Foster

    You take such wonderful pics and Derek and I are both thrilled to make the blog! :)


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