Look what I won!

Samantha of Cherry Pie Twins was the first mom who let me feature her adorable twin girls, Mia and Alexa, when I started Twin Tuesdays several (seven) months ago. I’ve been keeping up with her blog ever since, so naturally when she had a giveaway for this cute little crochet baby hair clip, I entered my name into the virtual hat.

And would you guess I won?!? I never win! Well, there was one time in college (that’s what she said) when I won a mini TV, but someone else entered my name in that drawing, so it hardly counts.

Anyway, I’m so excited to get V’s new clip in the mail. I hope it fits in what little hair she has. It’s from a company called Baby Wisp, so that sounds promising. :)

Hope you had a great Monday!

PS- Is anyone else having a hard time getting their offspring to sleep with this time change??


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