Making a Memorable Labor Day

We wanted to do something memorable as a family over Labor Day weekend, as opposed to camping out in the basement for three days, which was our other option. This was spawned by my thinking about my favorite memories as a kid, none of which involved TV nights. So we thought that maybe we should start making more of an effort to make some family memories, despite the temptation to relax when we have the time. With that in mind, we opted for a spontaneous Sunday trip to the zoo and brought my younger brother, Cody, along too.

I hadn’t been to the zoo in lots and lots of years, so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but it was an amazing day! Well, except for this (insert cursing here):

The weather was perfect. In the 70s with a slight breeze and lots of sun. We have one of the best zoos here in Omaha, and it was absolutely packed on Sunday when we ventured out. We actually debated turning around when we got to the parking lot because it looked like it would be too busy. I’m talking cars parked on the grass, not an open stall in sight, busy. But surprisingly, once we got through the gates, it didn’t seem so bad. I guess it’s just such a big place, that all those people sort of fade away.

I didn’t know if Vera would get anything out of it or not, but I knew she would at least enjoy being outside on such a beautiful day. To my surprise and delight, she had a blast. She looked wide-eyed at all the animals and loved the attention she got from all three of us, who took turns carrying her around the park.

Here are a few more of my favorite shots from our day at the zoo:

Did anyone else do anything fun or memorable over the holiday? Or did you opt to relax on the couch all weekend… so tempting!



  • Leila B

    Great photos! And you have an adorable baby girl on your hands!

    New follower from the Alexa blog hop!

  • stephanieharrand

    Aw, I love her Hello Kitty shirt and the picture of her and the gorilla! Adorable girl! We went to New Mexico where my in laws live and ate WAY TOO MUCH food!

    • Dawn Sailors

      That sounds like fun. I have family in NM also, but haven’t been there for years. It’s just beautiful though.


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