Memorial Weekend and the new Arco!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Holiday weekend! We spent yesterday visiting Brett’s parents and eating a lot of food. Even though the weather wasn’t cooperating with our dreams of sand volleyball and boating with friends, we still had a fun if low-key day.

Of course with both Grandma and Great-Grandma around, there was lots of fighting over who got to hold the baby. Great-Grandma won most of those battles I think. I was very happy that we could get this four generation picture while everyone was there. It’s so amazing to see a family grow like this and how there can be such resemblance passed down.

My favorite part of the day though, was a complete surprise to me. My mother in law has had a vintage Arco style lamp in her living room for years and I have always wanted one. Brett happened to mention to her how much I admired it and asked her where she got it from, and she responded by insisting that we take it! I couldn’t believe it. Apparently she found it years ago at a rummage sale. The couple was going through a divorce at the time and the man knew how much his ex-wife had liked the expensive lamp so he sold it for $5.00! Can you believe it?

I wasn’t sure we could even get it in our vehicle (the marble base alone has to weigh over 100 lbs!), but we managed with a little maneuvering and me sitting at a strange angle for the whole hour home. Totally worth it. I am still in shock and in love!

Now I just have to finalize the placement in our living room. I am already loving how much brighter it is in here with a new source of light. Not to mention the fact that we can swing it around to where we need it. So perfect!! I don’t think I can thank the in-laws enough for this unexpected but very much appreciated gift. We will definitely give the Arco a good home.

Anyone else do anything exciting over the long weekend?


  • Patience

    OMG! That lamp is absolutely gorg!!! So jealous! I’m a new follower and I am completely in love with your blog!!!


    • Dawn

      Thank you! I’m still a little in shock that we have it and didn’t have to go broke to get it! I just checked out your blog too and am following you back. And I love your name btw. :) Have a great Friday!


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