Memorial Weekend

Hello all! I hope you had a great long holiday weekend. What I thought was going to be a nice relaxing weekend where I could catch up on some projects, turned into a busy, but still nice weekend filled with friends and family.

We took a trip to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo on Friday with some friends from out of town- one set visiting from Wyoming and the other from Iowa.

Can you tell from the height bias that these three played college basketball together? Haha. It’s quite the change from their college years and early twenties to see three strollers lined up. I love it.

Vera loved the zoo and had a blast. You can read about the first time we took her here, but this time she enjoyed herself much more. She called every animal either a kitty or a puppy. We also learned how fearless she is when the huge looming gorilla in the background of this next photo slammed his fists into the glass an inch from her nose and she was the only one who didn’t jump and scream! She thought it was hilarious.

A few more zoo pics:

On Sunday, I got to catch up over coffee with my very good friend, Lacey, who was on a quick trip up from Texas. I love her and miss her dearly and it was so nice to see her. We have a girls-weekend planned for July along with Dania (of course) and another good friend too, so I’m looking forward to that coming up this summer!

And as if that weren’t enough fun for one weekend, we also spent Monday with Brett’s family. Vera was decked out in little coveralls to match her grandpa’s signature look, and had so much fun playing with her cousins.

She also had lots of fun doing this about 35 times in a row:

Such a little dare-devil. Haha.

And then we got to catch up with yet ANOTHER long-lost dear friend who was visiting from Illinois. She was one of my BFFs from college so it was so fun to catch up and reminisce on the good old days. There was a nice group of us (all twins btw!) and we had fun telling old stories over cheesecake, and talking (appropriately for the day and group) about our absent group-member and how much we all miss her. I had a few tears as we drove by a decorated cemetery that night, with small tokens marking almost every stone, but only a few sad moments and overall the weekend was a very happy and fun time. I wish I would have gotten a picture of all of us together!!

Dania will be here tomorrow with her wise words about whatever’s on her mind, (since it was a long weekend, we’ll have Twin-Wednesday this week). Until then, I just have one more little thought before I sign off. Top Baby Blogs has reset their votes again and I would very much appreciate a vote if you have the time for two extra clicks today (Just click the red button below)! There is no sign up or info required to vote and it’s super fast- easy peasy.

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