My letter to Santa

This year, more than usual, I am feeling very festive and excited for Christmas. I don’t know if it’s just because Vera is old enough to have fun this year, or just some extra holiday spirit, but I have been super excited since Halloween! That being said, I’ve been compiling my (just-for-fun) wish list, in case anyone might be wondering what to get me this year. ;)

1 – Printer/Scanner
It seems kind of crazy, but we don’t actually own a printer or scanner. Since mine broke several years ago, we’ve never been able to commit to buying a new one. I’m putting this wireless option on my list this year, so we can use it from both our desktop and my laptop. Man, it would be handy to actually have a printer again!

2 – Tea kettle
Anyone who knows me might be surprised by this wish. Because I HATE kitchen gadgets. Anything that only performs one specific function is not welcome in my limited cabinet or counter storage space. However I have a soft spot for a pretty tea pot, and I think one with a nice bright pop of color would be more art and less gadget.

3 – Leopard print scarf
I’ve been wishing for one of these for so long and haven’t been able to find the perfect one anywhere! Or really haven’t even been able to find one, perfect or not. Super popular right now I guess, but I’d love to add one to my scarf collection.

4 – This amazing jacket
I’m a little bit obsessed with this gorgeous Harvest Fest Coat from ModCloth. Probably the most specific thing on my list, I want it like now. I would order it for myself, but they are all sold out of my size. Maybe if I add it to my wish list, I’ll get a gift card I can save for a restock day?? :)

5 – Design Books
Eye candy = love. I’d settle for any of the amazing blogger-authored DIY books that came out this year, but I really want to add John & Sherry’s book to my library. I’m pretty much on the blog black-list for not already owning it.

6 – Smart Touch gloves
Another thing I might be one of the last people on earth to not own. Is that sentence even grammatically correct? It’s getting late. Better wrap this up. I need gloves I can use with my iPhone. Because I’m an iPhone addict.

7 – Gift Cards
I love to shop. Enough said. Gift cards just make it guilt free shopping. :)

8 – Palm Sander
This is something that would make my furniture refinishing much faster! It’s been on my list for a while, because while we have a belt sander, it’s really too big to use very often, and then I usually have the hub help me out because it throws me around. I’d love something a bit more petite that I can tackle projects with all on my own. I’d also love to not spend hours sanding by hand!

So there you have it. My wish list this year. Isn’t window shopping fun? :)What are you wishing for?

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