Offspring: A Big Baby on the Move

With Vera’s recent 9-month birthday came her nine month well-check with our pediatrician. (Her next check is at a year which seems just mind-blowing to me.) It seems she is taking after her father, clocking in at the 90th percentile for weight, height, and head size (maybe that big brain was inherited from me..). I’ve mentioned Brett’s 6’5″ stature before, but just in case there’s any doubt, here’s a nice comparison shot of us next to each other (one of our engagement photos). A full foot apart. Oh, and I’m wearing heals here.

So yeah, we’ve officially started grooming the Beast for collegiate volleyball, I’m building up amazing biceps without even trying, and I’ve surrendered to the idea that the days until she outgrows her mom are probably numbered.

But besides that, she’s also finally on the move. She doesn’t really get up on her knees in a true crawl, but she’s scooting aground quick as lightning and getting better at it everyday. We laugh that it looks like she’s dragging a dead-leg behind her. Here’s a little video of her scooting along:

See what I mean? Too funny.

We’re naturally excited to see her learning, but also a little nervous. She’s into everything now. Already trying to ‘inspect’ electrical outlets and power cords and reaching stacks of papers and books that she didn’t know existed a month ago. I’ve literally cleaned this up 12 times in the past 2 days:

So it seems we’ll have to either be a little more vigilant or do some baby-proofing around here. Or probably both. But it sure is funny to see her mischievous little smile when we tell her “no-no”.

So my question is this: what baby proofing methods do you use in your house? Is everything bubble-wrapped? Or do you just do the basics, like outlet covers? I need a plan and fast!



  • Samantha

    We only did the basics like cover outlets and put gates on stairs… No matter what they get into everything and I can’t take my eyes off them. Good luck!

    • Dawn Sailors

      That’s what I’m thinking too. Oh my I cannot even imagine having two to keep an eye on!!


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