Offspring: A big weekend for a big girl

Last weekend was a big one for little V. She’s at a time when there are a lot of new things coming her way, and so far she’s handling them like a champ. We haven’t quite committed to potty training just yet (I have to mentally prepare to clean up the inevitable accidents that will come with that), but we have successfully tackled another big toddler milestone: the transition from crib to toddler bed. (Dun, dun, daaaaaa…)

V big girl bed-5

Ok, so it wasn’t really scary at all. For me or (thankfully) for Vera. In fact, it’s safe to say she LOVES her new ‘big girl bed’. Like a lot. In case you’re new to the party, here’s what her room used to look like:


You can probably tell it’s the same bed, but last Friday, I spent a good portion of my afternoon off disassembling her crib and turning it into a bed, complete with sheets and a new comforter and pillow. One of the reasons we decided it was time for the switch up was that the little beast had started waking up several times a night asking to be covered up. You can imagine how fun that was for me. She used to never want covers on, preferring to be free to move around the crib, but since she suddenly changed her tune, I thought it was a good sign that she was ready for real sheets and blankets. Another sign for us was that she had started using one of her stuffed animals as a pillow every night. My little girl is growing up. :)

So while V was at daycare, I ran to 4 different Target’s in town to find the perfect sheets and comforter. And ok a few dozen other things because I can’t go to Target without finding a few things I didn’t know I needed. But regardless of the extra purchases, I did finally end up with a cute little combo of this gray, aqua and yellow chevron comforter, and these adorable pink polka dot sheets. And the colors match her room so perfectly.

V big girl bed-3

V big girl bed-1

I went ahead and bought regular twin size bedding, even though it is way too big for the toddler bed right now. Sometime in the not-so-distant future I plan to move her to a real twin bed, and I’m not about buying two new sets of bedding. So instead, I just folded the sheets in half before making the bed, and tucked the extra lengths under the little mattress. It works for now.

I wish I would have filmed her reaction when she first saw it, but it’s safe to say she loved it. She laid down and told me to turn off the light and cover her up. Then she got up and put all her babies to bed. Then she took them all out and laid down again. Oh the mind of a toddler.

So far she’s been doing great at night too. She doesn’t get up and wander around and really loves having real blankets and a pillow. The other night she even put herself to bed when she thought I was taking too long. She said she was going to take a nap, then went in her room, crawled in bed and yelled at me to come turn off her light. So I did and she went right to sleep. I should have done this months ago. Haha. (Knock on wood that it continues!)

V big girl bed-4

Oh before I sign off, I almost forgot that besides her new bed, Vera also got something else new last weekend. Earrings!

Vera's new earrings

It’s something I’ve wanted to get done since she was tiny, but we held off because Brett wasn’t so sure yet. She constantly wants to wear my earrings though, and finally Saturday I decided it was time to go through with it. She took it like a champ too! After the first one she wasn’t thrilled about having to do it again, but she held pretty still and only cried for a minute. As soon as they were done, she wanted to look in the mirror and show them off. And they look adorable! Plus now you can actually tell she’s a girl since she still has limited hair growth. :) No more ‘Oh he’s so cute!’ when we’re out and about. :)

So that was our big weekend. This weekend I think we’ll play it low key and just do some yard work. It’s that time of year, and I am determined to make this year the year I follow through on my plans to make this year the year I make the yard pretty. (Did that make any sense at all??) So hopefully I’ll have some fun stuff to show off next week.



  • Christy

    Exactly the wall clot I’m painting in my little girls room! Do you remember where you found the curtains?!?! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lyn

    I have to know where you found her bedding! Absolutely love it! Her room is super cute!

    • Dawn Sailors

      Hi Lyn! The comforter and sheets were from Target, and the quilt I got about four years ago from Francesca’s, but you can find similar styles by searching for Kantha quilts on Etsy or Amazon. :)

  • Heather

    I love this! What did you use behind the bed rails?

  • Lindsay

    LOVE IT! Did she ever try getting out of her crib? There can NEVER be too much color. LOVE this room so much!

    • Dawn Sailors

      Thanks! No she never really did try to climb out of her crib and she really doesn’t get out of her bed at all either. We have a rule that if she gets out of bed we turn the nightlight off. That’s worked pretty well so far. :)

  • Megan

    That is such a happy room — those drapes are beautiful. (And I smiled when I read “Oh, HE’S so cute.” We get the reverse with my youngest son because he has a lil’ bowl cut. It’s not LONG hair, but people still mistake him for a girl.)


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