Offspring: A Daycare Update

The baby beast started her new daycare this week, and I am actually really excited about it. That is only partially due to my growing annoyance at how attached she was becoming to her dad after a summer of daddy daycare. Jk. Sort of. It was getting a little hard to have her constantly want daddy instead of mommy though. I’m sure you other mothers can relate. Of course I want her to love her daddy and it is adorable to see them together, like this:

but she was getting to the point of ONLY wanting daddy. And that’s no good. Anyway, daddy is back at work since the school year officially started Monday (the life of a teacher, right?), and Vera is at her new in-home daycare.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may already be aware of the struggles we’ve had in the daycare department. Specifically, finding a good long term solution that won’t make us poor. And that isn’t a 20 min drive from our house. If not, you can read all about ithere, here and here.

Well, I’m happy to say, I think we’ve finally done it. Knock on wood. We’ve found an awesome in-home provider that has over 20 years experience, a fantastic kid-friendly set up, a reasonable price, and is pretty close to our house. Jackpot!

Did I mention she also has two dogs? This has been very helpful for getting Vera comfortable there, given her obsession with “puppies.” We took V there a couple times before her first day to get her familiarized. The first time we stayed with her for about 15 min and then we all left. She just met the rest of the kids and looked around the place. At one point we stepped outside and she thought we were leaving her. She went ballistic. Not a great start, but it made us glad we had decided to do a test run for sure.

The second time, we left her there for about an hour. She wasn’t as scared, but she still screamed bloody murder when we walked out, so I was justifiably nervous about her first day on Monday, but she did great. She was pretty clingy when we walked in, and she looked nervous, but didn’t cry when I left. Such a brave girl. Here she is dawdling on the stairs in her first-day outfit:

The second day of daycare= hilarious. I walked in and set her down and she immediately turned to me, waved and said “Bye-bye!”. Then she turned back to her daycare lady, we’ll call her Wanda (cause that’s her name) and said “puppy?”

So clearly she is making herself right at home. This morning I didn’t even carry her. She walked from the car to the house by herself and started playing when she got inside. The fact that she is already so comfortable only 4 days in makes me feel so much better about how she’s spending her days. I’m so glad we’ve finally found a solution to our daycare dilemmas. (Knock on wood- again.)

Tomorrow is my day off, and my first day to do whatever I want in a long time (V will still go to at least a few hours of daycare on my Fridays off- we pay either way, so I’m taking advantage of the time to clean the house and work on projects). Also I finally got my stitches out and boot off today after having foot surgery two weeks ago. My mind is racing with all the possibilities of how to fill my free time. Well, that’s the plan anyway. Unfortunately, V has come down with a slight temperature tonight. I guess that’s to be expected when starting a new daycare full of new little germ-carriers. So we’ll see if a good night’s sleep gets rid of it. Luckily she also has her 18 month check up tomorrow morning, so even if she’s feeling better we’ll get her checked out. Hopefully she’s good to go and feeling like her normal spunky self by the a.m.

See you tomorrow!

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