Offspring: A first birthday party

Saturday was Vera’s very first birthday party! I’m still excited. Truth be told, it’s Wednesday and we still have party decorations up from last Saturday. Hehe. They’re just so festive! But in my defense, I want to save a lot of it and since we’ve had people working in Vera’s room all week, it will be easier to wait and put away everything once they’re done and gone.

But back to fun party things! I couldn’t have been happier with the whole day. The weather was beautiful and we had a great group of family here to help us celebrate. I don’t think V quite knew what was going on at first. She got passed around like a hot-potato and aunt Dania made her sit still long enough to put in her first tiny pig-tails.

Which looked ridiculous, but cute. Ridiculously cute I guess.

It seemed to go so quickly! I have to thank the hub for organizing the food for the day. (Of course that was the one thing he cared about!) It was delicious and well received. If it would have been left to me we would have just had snacky type food, but Brettles put together a whole BBQ spread.

I on the other hand, was more focused on the desserts! It was a birthday party after all. :) I was quite proud of my spread too.

And while we’re in here, lets take a step back to see the fun part! The decorations!!

This was my favorite part. We made a little fabric banner to hang and pinned all V’s monthly pictures to it. It was so much fun to be able to see them all in one place. Plus, I conveniently used the same color fabrics that are in her nursery, so can you guess where this will be finding a permanent home??

Once every one had eaten, and the kids had dug into their party favors, we moved on to present time. I have to admit, this is the one part of the day that I was dreading the most. I hate sitting in the middle of a room having people watch me open presents. Oh and I’ve already explained my theory on kids toys, so I was not exactly sure how all these gifts would fit into that parenting strategy. Add in that Vera could care less about what was going on, and I was prepared for awkwardness. But it went surprisingly well. I loved all the adorable things she got and there were so many great learning toys!

After presents, it was time for cake. Dad stripped her down to her socks and diapers (because he didn’t want her to have cold feet), and we put her in her high chair for her first taste of sugar! We’re pretty strict about only healthy food for Vera, so she hadn’t really been exposed to sugar before (yeah, I don’t share my stash).

Here we are singing and blowing out her candle!

She wasn’t excited to get in her chair because she wanted to keep playing with her balloons, so she was kicking and fussing right up until I dropped a big piece of chocolate cake on her tray. The screams hilariously stopped the instant she saw it. She grabbed it with both hands and went to town.

I barely remember anything post-cake, but Dania and I took her up to the shower and hosed her off. By the time we got back downstairs, most of the guests had said their goodbyes, but that was ok, because beastlet was starting to get pretty worn out from all the activity.

It was a great day and a great party that we’ll never forget. I’m so thankful for everyone who could make it to help us celebrate.


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  • Hilary Foster

    Great party decor!  

    • Dawn Sailors

      Haha, stop by and you can see it for real. It’s still up! lol… I’m holding onto her youth by not cleaning, I guess.

  • Samantha from Cherry Pie Twins

    Happy birthday little one! Adorable party.


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