Offspring: A Little Hairy

Vera is one of those babies who was born with a fair amount of hair, but then it all fell out and she’s been nearly bald since. The thing is though, the girl just LOVES hair. She has one doll (her twin, Kewpie- not to be confused with her creepy bald twin doll) that had hair but I had to cut it off because she wouldn’t stop trying to eat it.

Kewpie Twin

Creepy Twin

Now it’s just a little hair nub but she still sucks on it non stop. Speaking of cutting doll hair, am I the only one who only had bald dolls when I was little? For some reason, Dania and I thought it was hilarious to give them all hair-cuts…

Anyway, back to the beaslet, she also loves my hair. Some nights she will refuse to go to sleep unless I let her rub my hair on her face. I don’t know why. Little weirdo. She’ll cry and cry, swinging her arms toward my head until she gets a handful and then she pulls it toward her with both hands and rubs it on her eyes. You can imagine how this usually results in a massive tear-wet knot of frizzy hair for me, not to mention it’s not exactly comfortable.

That is why I’m not at all unhappy that she’s finally getting some hair of her own! AND she discovered this last week, which was hilarious. Immediately after eating, her sticky little hands did this:

Tiny t-Rex arms have a hard time reaching all the way to the top of her head, so the sides get pulled and petted until she has these little horn pigtails. Too funny.

So for the past few nights, my poor hair has gotten a break as Vera falls asleep petting her own head. It’s adorable.

Anyone else’s child obsessed with hair like this??



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  • Sandra Koll

    Haha! The little horns are cute! Matilda is the same way, I always assumed it was because I breastfeed her and my hair is always in the way and was a lot of the time the thing she played with. It had became her sort of lovey, she never liked a blanket or anything else. But then my friend’s daughter came up and started playing with my hair too, and her daughter doesn’t play with my friend’s hair, so that was kind of strange, and that girl wasn’t breastfed. So not sure completely. I think I have written about it a couple times on my blog…but here is one of the posts

    • Dawn Sailors

      That is awesome. I totally didn’t even know you had a blog! I’m adding it to my blogroll :) Now I can keep up with you! I’ve had the same thoughts of cutting my hair off, but I think I’ll wait it out. Vera was breast-fed too and that is when the hair pulling started so you might have something there! Also I am a huge Kate fan too. So classy.


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