Offspring: A Second Birthday Party

Well hello there! I am still alive, yes. Just so busy lately. I seem to be burning the candle at both ends and the blog has been suffering as a result. But I’m not giving up!!

I realize I didn’t get Vera’s 26 month post up on the 25th, so that is on its way this week instead. And we’ve been working on some landscaping over the past few weekends, so if we don’t get the snow that’s predicted this week (yes, I realize it is May! Apparently Mother Nature didn’t get that memo…) I’ll hopefully be able to show that to you in the next week or so too.

Oh and before I get into today’s actual post, I have to give some quick love to the hub. It’s our third wedding anniversary today and I do love that kid. :)

Engagement 1

And now… over two months later, I thought it was about time for me to get a post up about Vera’s second birthday party. It’s probably safe to say that it snuck up on me and I didn’t do nearly as much, decor wise, as I did last year. Which turned out to be just fine in the end, even if a little mom guilt (or maybe creative guilt) trickled in.

What I did do was run to Costco the morning of the party and pick up food and cake. And my biggest whoops was spending all year taking monthly photos, only to forget to print them out for the party (smh). Oh well. It turned out to be a fun day nonetheless, and Vera will never know the difference. Unless she happens to read this one day… Well on to the party!

It started with aunt Dania coming over early to help me clean up and get V all prettified for her big day. She felt so special!


designingdawn_vera_2yearsold-2 designingdawn_vera_2yearsold-3


After that, we welcomed a whole bunch more family over (we kept it to family since that alone fills up our house!) and had the usual birthday rundown of socializing, eating, singing, and gift opening.









Vera’s present from Mom, Dad and Grandpa this year was her own little kitchen, and she loves it:

She even got matching food, pots and pans from Aunt Dania and Uncle Chad and Uncle Cody (aka Uncle Taco). She has been having a blast with it and uses it every day.

She also got her own little recliner from Grandma and Grandpa Sailors, which she loves, and too many other toys and gifts to count! Including an adorable wooden makeup set and her own little pink rain boots which she’d wear everyday if I’d let her. :)


We were so grateful to everyone who could make it to celebrate with us! It was a wonderful day.


  • Katie

    She’s adorable! Love your blog =)


    • Dawn Sailors

      Thanks so much, Katie! I just checked out your blog and what an adorable mama to be you are. The polka dot maternity shirt is one I’d wear non-prego! Very cute. :)


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