Offspring: Budding Artist

Since my dad is slowly packing up everything from the home of my teenage years, he likes to bring me little surprises everything he comes to visit. Some of them are good surprises, and some not so much (oh a baby-tooth you’ve been holding onto for 20 years? Um… thaaanks.). But last visit he brought me a box of 96 color crayons. Awesome.

I took the opportunity to force my artistic interests onto my kid.

Brett broke out one of my giant sketch pads and sat her in the middle of it. After she got over trying to eat the crayons, she got the idea that they make marks on the paper.

Then she went to town, pulling out every color and trying them out.

In the end, she made quite the mess, but a beautiful drawing. And I’m sure my opinion isn’t biased at all. :)

That’s my girl!!


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  • Corby Bender

    Great pics!  My kids made me an “almos faders day card” last year that is still tacked to my cube wall.  I look at it every day and smile.  BTW, your blog looks great, you’ve done a very nice job with the design here.  Good work.  -Corby-

    • Dawn Sailors

      That is adorable!! almos faders day would make me smile too. And thanks for the compliment! Still a work in progress, but I’m never satisfied. :)


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