Offspring: Christmas Recap

Why yes, I do realize Christmas has been over for a month and then some. But I’ve yet to recap our day, and I want to remember the first time Vera really had a Christmas (this is technically her second, but she was too little to understand anything last year).

The main theme here: she loved it. For weeks before hand she would say “Santa’s coming” and we sang lots of Christmas songs. Here’s a cute video we got of her on Christmas Eve:

She was super excited about Santa eating the cookies we left for him. In fact, she still randomly will tell me about how Santa ate his cookies, lol.

santa christmas 2012

Some of the goodies she got were the toy piano you might remember from this post, a princess dress she loved when she saw it at Home Goods (even thought it goes against my anti-princess instincts- we just call it dress up), a kid-sized broom (so she stops stealing mine when I’m cleaning up), and a little backpack to carry all her stuff around in. :)

vera dress up princess

And.. before I leave, I have to do a quick little recap of the awesome things Mama got for xmas too! In photos:

Fossil Weekenderphoto 1

YHL Bookphoto 2

Wireless Printer/Scannerphoto 4

Mouse Sanderphoto 3

Yeah, I was spoiled! I hope you guys had an awesome Christmas too. And I promise this will be the last time I mention it until next year. ;)

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