Offspring: Consignment sale loot!

Well, it’s that time of year again, when I brag bout all the awesome deals I scored at the bi-annual kids consignment sale here in town. Here’s a photo from a year ago to give you a good idea of the size of this sale.

My friend Kim introduced me to this huge sale a little over a year ago. She volunteers at the sale and so gets a few early passes to shop. She very kindly gave me one of those again this time and I got to hit up the sale before it was open to the general public. Meaning I got even more awesome steals and had a much shorter line. :) So without further ado, here’s the consignment sale haul.

My favorite things are this adorable little Radio Flyer tricycle, a miniature red piano, and a new winter coat.

The tricycle was a teal at just $18.00, and V got it right away, just for being an awesome kid. :) She didn’t know about it at first, but after seeing some of the neighbor kids riding their bikes and showing her how to ride hers, I don’t think it will be long before she takes off. Her favorite thing about it currently is that it has a basket in back to haul her ball/bottle/bear. Or whatever else she happens to be carrying. Which is always something.

As for the piano, she hasn’t seen this one yet, and we’re going to try to save it for a Christmas gift. If we can make it that long. Brett was already asking me if she could “just play with it now”. Haha. It was only $20 so another great deal, considering it’s not just a keyboard, but a real wooden fully functioning miniature piano. So adorable.

The coat was an unexpected find. It was $15, so much cheaper than a new one at a store, but it looks brand new. It has a removable double layer and hood so it will be great for those extra cold winter days (who are we kidding, the kid will have a cute pea-coat for her main fashion this winter). Plus it’s a size 3T so it should fit her next winter too. Assuming her dad’s giant genetics don’t kick in too much before then.

As for the rest of the loot, I got that pair of snow boots shown above (Vera found them and insisted on wearing them for hours!), a Hello Kitty Halloween pail, and several ‘everyday’ shirts and outfits for fall and winter. Including this Nike track suit which of course is the hub’s favorite.

I also picked up a few more toys, including collection of tiny board books and a Melissa & Doug puzzle. We don’t have any other puzzles and Beast is finally at an age where she can play with them, so I grabbed it. A learning toy for $2.00- you can’t go wrong.

All in all, I spent just over $100, which when you consider how much I got, is a huge savings. But even though I came home with a ton of awesome stuff, I passed on some pretty cool things too. Here were my favorite ‘almost mine’ finds:

For one reason or another, all of these items didn’t make it home with me. Some were hard to pass up, but we can’t have a house full of junk, so I had to be choosy and pick only the best deals and what I thought would get the most use.

So that’s the haul this time. It’s wrong how much I love this sale. ;)


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