Offspring: Daycare Search and a Beach Day

I’ve been a little distracted this past week/weekend. We’ve once again been in the midst of nailing down a new daycare (see our past adventures here and here). I’ve found finding childcare providers to be one of the most stressful things about having a kid. It’s hard to find someone you not only trust with your baby’s life, but can also afford. When our previous caregiver gave us a two-week notice to return to her former position in the business world, we were suddenly on the hunt again.

Good news though! Today we put a deposit on an August opening at a new in-home that we are both very happy with. I think this will be a great fit for us. The woman has 20+ years of daycare experience, a great kid-friendly business set-up, and is very open and personable. She’s also much closer to our home, which is nice. We’re excited to get Vera started there next school year, and we have lots of help (and daddy daycare) through the summer until then.

So, in the spirit of celebration of a new chapter, and on a much less stressful note, aunt Dania and I took Vera out to the lake this past weekend and naturally we had a little photo shoot while we were there. I don’t go places without my camera. Check out this swimsuit model- Woot woot!!

Happy Monday to you!




P.S. – Thanks for my new swimsuit aunt Melissa!! (Suit and hat both from Baby Gap)

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  • Stephanie C

    aw, gotta love babies in bathing suits, always the cutest! And her hat, do they make that in adult size? Seriously, haha. And I know this is random, but every time I see a picture of her mouth wide open, I can’t get over how straight her teeth are! 

    • Dawn Sailors

      Haha. I know I would wear that hat! Or that suit! I love baby clothes that look like grown-up clothes. So cute. And as for her teeth, thank you! I’m really hoping she gets her dad’s genetics in that department. :) The kid has the most perfect smile and never had braces! (Jerk, haha.)


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