Offspring: Getting off the bottle

Ok parents out there. I need some advice. Our pediatrician informed us at Vera’s 12-month check-up that we need to start moving her away from the bottle. She recommends that she be off it completely by 15 months. The problem is I don’t know how!

This is something that I’ve known was coming for quite a while, but I’ve been secretly dreading it and putting it off. Vera is not overly attached to her bottle and we really don’t use it at all except when it’s time to sleep. Whether its nap time or night time, I feel like we’re completely dependent on her bottle to get her to bed. I’ve tried replacing it with a sippy cup at nap time and she threw a fit. Plus it was a mess. I’ve tried giving her water in her bottle instead, to get her less excited about the bottle, and she hated it and woke up hungry a few hours later.

I’m not sure where to go with this so any advice is appreciated. I’m quite sure some moms or dads out there have been through this too… Any tips or tricks for getting this kid off the bottle?? Help!




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