Offspring: Hanging Out

Yesterday we finally gave in and admitted that our little girl is growing up. That is to say, we were scared out of our wits to discover her doing this:

so we promptly got on that crib-lowering thing.

Isn’t it strange how one day they just start standing?? I couldn’t believe it. I have found her on her knees looking over the edge of her crib at me for a few mornings now, but when we saw her finally standing, my paranoia took over. Obviously she’s not only standing, but hanging out over the edge, so that was a problem.

Lowering the crib was pretty simple. It took about 15 minutes, and Vera thought it was hilarious that she could crawl over her the mattress on the floor while we worked on it.

She also thought it was pretty funny to harass me during the process.

We decided to just go ahead and lower it all the way. It might be lazy, but I didn’t want to have to deal with it again, and this way I know she’s not going anywhere… muahahaha… (that’s my evil I’ve-trapped-you laugh). Just some unscrewing, adjusting, and screwing back in.

And now baby beast can’t fall out.

So I’m feeling much less paranoid and much safer today. But still a little in shock at how fast our beastlet is growing. I guess that’s what kids do. Pretty soon she’ll be packing for college. Ok, now I’m just exaggerating. Hope you had a great Monday!



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  • Ohsleepy1

    your daughter is adorable! how did you lower the mattress? looks  like i have the same type of crib as you but i can’t figure out how to lower it… my son is also trying to lean over the side!

    • Dawn Sailors

      Hey there! I’m so sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I meant to and then it slipped my mind. Maybe you’ve already figured this out by now, but there are four bars (one on each corner) that hold up the spring that the matress rests on. They are attached to the crib frame by hex bolts. You just have to unscrew them and move them down a few holes (we went all the way down so we don’t have to do it again- there is a close up picture in the post of the bar and us unscrewing the bolt). You will have to take the mattress out to do that. I hope that helps!!

  • Anonymous

    I did exactly this the moment I saw my Josh standing up lol
    Lovely blog hun and gorgeous little Vera x x

    • Dawn Sailors

      Aw, thank you! I appreciate that. :) I know! Wasn’t it a proud but scary day??

  • Stephcrowley

    Love those pajamas, and dads bed head, lol! And now she can chew on the edge of her crib, what fun!


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