Offspring: Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!! Ok, I know it’s technically the day after Halloween, but we can drag it out an extra day while I show off some pics of our little ventriloquist dummy, right? :) Yeah.

Here she is, all dressed up last night:

She did so well! She loved the candy (which she never gets usually) and she even said ‘trick-or-treat’. Not at the appropriate times of course, but she said it! She refused to smile in any of my actual camera photos though, because all the neighborhood kids ran over to see her costume and she got a little intimidated by some of the scary masks. Once she figured it out though, she was ok and we had a lot of fun.

As for her costume, I mentioned on Monday that I don’t like to just buy a pre-made costume from the store, because making it is half the fun for me. So this costume was pulled together from a few different places. The checkered shirt was a Target sale. I think it will look cute on her later this fall with black leggings too. Whenever you can reuse a ‘costume’ it is an added bonus!! V’s bow-tie is actually a hair-bow from Gymboree. I just clipped it on to the top of her shirt and it stayed put all night. Plus another item we can reuse. The suspenders were the hardest to find. We went to seven different stores before I finally checked in Spencer’s Gifts and found these rainbow striped pair. They are adult size, but were adjustable enough that we could clip them on and tuck the extra into the back of her jeans- so they worked.

For her makeup, I just used a black eye-liner pencil to draw on eyebrows, freckles and lines for her dummy-movable-jaw. She wasn’t exactly thrilled with that process, so we did it in stages and tried to distract her in between, haha. She also wasn’t so sure about the suspenders, and refused to wear them at first, but we convinced her by telling her they were “so pretty” and that if she put them on we could go outside and play with the other kids and get candy. :) Candy bribes apparently work wonders.

So that was our Halloween this year. I hope you had a fantastic and safe night! I’d love to hear what your littles were. :) Happy Halloween!!


  • Beth

    Great photos…such a doll…your Vera. That costume is hilarious and should win “most creative costume”.


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