Offspring: Little Helper

This has been a fast weekend, with a lot going on. Tomorrow and Tuesday are big days around here and I am so excited, but I’ll get into the details about that very soon. Today though, I felt like I was running around between several projects all day, but one of those was to do a little baby-proofing slash outlet updating.

Our living room outlet covers have been bothering me forever. They are right in the middle of a long wall, so pretty noticeable location. I hated their yellowish color and when Vera figured out that this phone jack hole (technical term) was just the right size to stick her little fingers in, I decided it was time for an upgrade.

We just decided to replace the jack with a solid plate for a couple of reasons. Obviously the main one would be to keep baby fingers out of it. But secondly, we don’t have a land-line (who does these days?) so it seemed silly to just have a random empty phone jack in the middle of a wall.

I found these stainless steel plates at Lowes and they were perfect.

Also luckily, I had a little helper for this project.

Isn’t it hilarious how these little people imitate what they see?? I think that picture above might be my favorite one yet. Every DIY-er has to start somewhere. You made mommy proud today, girl.

I hope you all had a great weekend. With Vera’s first birthday coming up next Saturday, I have a feeling this week is just going to fly by. Crazy!



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  • kellymimi

    hehehe who needs men, when you could have this lil’ cutie helping out :D

    • Dawn

      Haha! Yeah, now we just need to work on the difference between flat head and Philips head!


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