Offspring: Quick Learner

Wow, twin Tuesday’s just falling apart here! Dania missed her post yesterday because she had a prior commitment and neglected to plan ahead (erhem…). But she’ll be back next week with what I’m sure will be a very captivating post, and we’ll get on track again after that.

In the meantime, an update on the child. It’s becoming more and more clear lately how much of an observer Vera is. And a copy-cat too! I guess she’s just at that stage where she tries to repeat what she sees and I absolutely LOVE it! Funniest stage so far I think, because I can teach her all kinds of things and I feel like she’s actually absorbing some of it.

For example, she recently learned how to blow kisses: And I taught her to use her dad’s basketball whistle:

But this is my favorite of all. She loves going out to play with the big kids, and on days where Brett picks her up, I come home to find this:

Just out running around the circle like one of the kids! She thinks she’s so grown up. Hilarious.

Happy Wednesday!



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