Offspring: Snow Day

We recently got quite a snowstorm here in Omaha. Just in time for a white Christmas, we got around eight inches at out house.

snow day 2012-3

Last year, we didn’t have any snow days so it was a welcome sight, for our family at least. Vera was so excited when she saw all the kids playing outside. While it was just starting to really come down, we got her all bundled up and her and her dad headed outside to play in the snow.

snow day 2012-1

snow day 2012-2

Luckily her snow suit from last year (which seemed huge then) just barely still fit her. She also got to try out the new snow boots I got a few months ago. And she had a ball:

snow day 2012-4

snow day 2012-5

snow day 2012-6

snow day 2012-7

She stayed out longer than she maybe should have (it was getting dark and her cheeks were bright red when they finally came in!), and she definitely tried to eat a lot of snow, but who could pull a kid away from this?

snow day 2012-8

It’s so much fun to see her enjoying the things we take for granted, and to learn to appreciate them again. I hope your week is off to a great start. I know I am actually a little relieved to be back to a normal schedule again after all the holiday madness.

Happy Monday friends!

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