Offspring: The First Snow Day

As the weatherman promised, we woke up to several inches of snow this morning and it continued to snow all day! We ended up with about 10 inches and I think it has finally let up, but being that we didn’t have to be anywhere at all today, it was so relaxing to watch the white powder softly fall out the windows.

It was the first chance we’ve had to take Vera out to play in the snow and I couldn’t have been more excited!! We waited patiently as dad scooped a little path on the back deck for us.

Then we got all bundled up. It was hilarious and V could hardly even sit up in this suit because it was so big and fluffy. Doesn’t she look like a little Michelin Man?? That or the little kid from A Christmas Story who falls down and can’t get back up, lol.

Once we got outside, she didn’t quite know what to think. At first she was just pissed that her mittens didn’t let her grab the snow, but she got the hang of it soon enough and loved trying to catch the flakes on her tongue.

Then she moved on to smashing her face into and licking the snow.

It was so much fun. It’s amazing how you can see everything like it’s the first time when you have a baby. I don’t have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve built a snowman. :) Or played in the snow for that matter. Or really spent any time outdoors in the winter for longer than it takes to walk to my car.

We had to call it a day after not too long, because the face smashing was leaving our girl with a pretty rosy nose and cheeks, but she loved it and so did we! We’re all looking forward to going back out again tomorrow.

Happy weekend guys! I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am!!



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