Offspring: Visiting Great-Grandma

This weekend, we had a rare plan-free three days, so we decided to make a quick trip to my hometown to visit family. It was a good time to do it, since it’s a little over a two hour drive one way, and we knew that once basketball season starts, coach hub will hardly be able to get a free weekend away for a few months at least.

So Friday, we packed up our vehicle and made the drive, and even though we only stayed one night, I’m so glad we got to go visit. We squeezed a lot of visiting into our two days, but the one I was the happiest about was our visit to my grandma- Vera’s great-grandma, Joyce.

We don’t get to see Grandma Joyce very often anymore, and I know she hasn’t been doing as well lately, so I really wanted to make sure we got over to see here, even though it’s another half hour drive out of the way. And I was very happy to see how excited she was to see Vera again and get to visit with all of us. (Oh yeah, and naturally V is sporting her Husker hoodie. It was game-day today. G-ma thought it was funny that they make football gear in her size.)

It took V a few minutes to get comfortable with her great-grandma (she’s only met her one other time), but once she did, she wasn’t shy at all. (Brett was worried that you won’t be able to tell, so fyi Vera’s hand is the one on the left in this next photo…)

I wish we could have spent more time at home this weekend, but we wanted to get back and start on a little project tomorrow- so this weekend is the best of both worlds for me! I hope you are having a happy weekend too.


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