Oh Christmas Tree…

Well I’ve just been doing a terrible job of posting on Friday’s the past two weeks. Sorry about that. Occasionally I have a social outing on Friday nights and the past two weeks I’ve gotten in far too late to attempt to work on anything. Things get especially busy around here when the hub is in the thick of coaching season during the winter months, but I’m going to do my best to stay on track as much as possible.

Anyway… it’s a new week, and I thought I’d share a little more of our Christmas spirit around here.

Yes those are REAL presents under our tree and it’s not Christmas Eve yet. I actually got on the ball this year and got almost all my shopping done on Black Friday. Which is why you didn’t see a black Friday haul post here like last year. Not because I didn’t go out (that would be ridiculous) but because I’d have to show off presents for other people, which was the majority of my loot, and that would just ruin the surprise.

And because I wasn’t thrilled with my nighttime mantle shots last week, I even took a few more of those and decided (since it was nap time and I was bored) to go all out and move the heater so I could look at them without laughing. :)

So there you go– a little more Christmas cheer. Are you done with your Christmas decorating yet? How about shopping? I feel like I’m actually on top of things this year for a change. At least more than normal. Maybe I’ll even get our Christmas cards sent out on time! Yeah, we’ll see.


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