OPP: Brette’s Woodland Nursery- An Update!

I have a fun update to share today! I’ve actually been meaning to share it for a while now and haven’t gotten around to it yet, but it’s my favorite kind. The kind where I get to help focus someone’s design vision, and then see it become reality.

Clear back in February, I came up with this nursery mood board for my friend, Brette. (You can click on that link or the mood board image for sources!)

Brette Woodland Nursery

And several weeks ago, she emailed me with some photos of their finished nursery space! Yay! I love seeing a space I helped design come together in real life.

Brette's Woodland Nursery on

Brette's Woodland Nursery on

Brette's Woodland Nursery on

Didn’t it turn out adorable? I love how she mixed several items from the mood board in, but also incorporated so many unique vintage pieces into the space to really personalize it for their family. It’s a great example of how I love to use mood boards… they don’t necessarily have to be an exact blueprint for a room. I think they’re much more effective as an inspiration piece. A jumping off point to give a general idea of the feel (or mood) of the room, so you can make sure everything is working together as you go along.

Since sending me these photos, Brette and her husband, Jeff, welcomed their son, Elliott, into the world. I know he will love growing up in his adorable woodland nursery! Congrats guys, and thanks again for sharing your photos with me!

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